Marketing + Online Journalism

Done well, content marketing builds your brand, brings more people to your website and increases your sales. But there are no shortcuts...

Create high-quality original content. Promote that content where your customers visit online. Establish industry thought-leadership. Follow the analytics numbers. Create, maintain and grow momentum through consistency.


In the places your customers visit online.


Watched and used to tailor your strategy.

Traditional Marketing

Emails, advertisements, brochures, public relations...

High-Quality Content

Targeted, informative, compelling and honest.

Industry Thought-Leadership

Through expert content.


Built, maintained and grown through consistency.

Marketing, Elevated

Effective marketing requires reaching the right people, in the right places, with the right message. Today, that means high-quality, original content disseminated on social media, along with traditional marketing efforts. 

Kodkod helps multi-million-dollar-a-year companies, start-ups and mom-and-pops realize their visions through thoughtful, meticulously executed: 

Online Journalism (Content Creation)

Content SEO

Website Creation and Image Design


Corporate Communications Strategies

Social Media

Traditional Marketing