Nimble, like a wild tree-cat

Content marketing is a jungle canopy with intertwining branches reaching off in all directions. Blogs, social media, email campaigns, media outreach, advertising, article publication, public relations, websites, search engine optimization (SEO) and more. Big or small, you need to be nimble and thoughtful to spread your message well.

In the rainforests of Chile and Argentina, the kodkod spends much of its life in the trees. At around five pounds, it's small—the smallest cat in the Americas. But it's an amazing climber. The kodkod can go anywhere.


Charlie Smith

I've been working as a copywriter, journalist and marketing professional over 20 years--copywriting, content marketing, content strategy, beat reporting and even some technical writing. Beyond my "robust inner life" (nerd stuff), my interests are family, friends, road and mountain biking, trail running, endurance racing, snowboarding, hiking, basketball, soccer, yoga, bass guitar, reading and writing (go figure).


Journalism Awards

New England Press Association, 20061) Health Reporting

Maine Press Association, 2006-20071) News Story, 2) Spot News Story, 3) Freedom of Information Story, 4) Investigative Report, 5) Continuing Story, 6) Analysis Story.


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